Tuesday, February 15, 2011

solekan mata

untuk kening 

Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows: The shape of the eyebrow is correct when the beginning of the brow is aligned with the center of the nostril and the arch falls over the back third of the eye. 

Eyes far apart 


To bring eyes closer together, dark eyeshadow will be applied to the inside corner of the eyes and drawn out towards the nose. An eyeliner could be extended beyond the inside corner of the eye and the eyebrows brought together with the use of a pencil. 

Eyes close together 


To make these eyes further apart, light eyeshadow will be used in the inside corner of the eye with the makeup on the mobile part of the eyelid and the eyeliner drawn towards the outside. The eyebrows will be plucked so as to make them further apart and also extended towards the outside with an eye pencil 

Drooping eyes 


A dark shadow will soften the upper part of the arch of the eyebrows; the eye will be underlined with an eye-liner drawn towards the lower inside corner of the eye and upwards to the outside corner. The eyebrows will be rectified, on the one hand by plucking them, and on the other hand by redrawing them with a pencil, so as to give them an upwards movement towards the outside. 

Round and prominent eyes 


In order to reduce the volume of the eye, a dark shadow will be applied to the eyelid and drawn towards the outside. A dark pencil will be used on the inside of the eye so as to reduce the opening and the use of an eyeliner is recommended at the root of the upper lashes. The eyebrows should be relatively abundant. 

Deep set eyes 


A light shadow will be applied to the mobile part of the eyelid, so as to give it greater volume, while the arch of the eyebrows is, on the other hand, reduced using dark eyeshadow. A very thin eye-liner will be used on the upper eyelid but the lower lid may be emphasised with a line of pencil or a shadow. The eyebrows will always be very thin

Asian eyes 


These eyes are characterised by having no – or very little – visible areas of eyelid and the bridge of the nose is generally not very pronounced. A dark shadow can give greater relief to the nose and shadows on the eyelids will be softened towards the top or possibly towards the outside to accentuate the almond shape. If the mobile part of the eyelid disappears into the palpebral fold, no eye-liner should be used, since it will be transferred onto the 

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